Other Programs

Here are some programs that will be offered at the Convention but do not have a web page to themselves. Perhaps some of them will interest you.

· Expanded Sales Room

Winston Goretsky of Calgary, Alberta (to the left) at the
AVSA Sales Room, Austin, TX May 28-June 2, 2013.
Photo: Beverley Williams

We all know that one of the most enjoyable parts of every convention is the shopping. Luckily, there will be over 3,000 square feet of space dedicated to the Sales area at the convention, creating a fantastic opportunity for all.

Have you ever thought about how you could increase awareness of your AVSC Commercial business or Affiliate Club? Do you want to attract more members, share your knowledge or sellmore products? In advertising in Chatter, our upcoming Convention in Toronto will offer you a brand new option.

Two sales tables will be offered to all Commercial or Affiliate members who wish to advertise and or sell their products in this expanded Sales area.

Rental of the tables, which are six feet in length, are $30.00 each. At this time a maximum of two tables are being offered per application, but more may be available later if space allows. Beverley Williams, AVSC Advertising/Commercial Chairman, can be contacted for more information about this exciting opportunity. Application forms will be sent out in January so it is important to ensure that your membership information is up-to-date with the Membership Chairman so that you can be informed of the latest offers and opportunities. Please contact Bev at: beverleyandbrucewilliams@rogers.com or call 905-620-1149 for more information about sales at the 2014 Convention.  

· AVSA Entries and First-Class Program Workshop - Winston Goretsky

Having an annual competition and show is a great way to motivate members and reach out to the public. If your club is small, you may be able to get by with manual registration, but more and more clubs need software to help them navigate the process. This program will focus on the two essential programs of AVSA Entries and First-Class. It offers information that is essential to both members entering or conducting the show. You will be delighted to know that Winston Goretsky has kindly agreed to teach this essential program.

· African Violets in Hong Kong - Stanley Ko

Stanley Ko is famous for hybridizing his prized Chimeras. In this presentation, he will take us on a trip to Hong Kong as he looks at their annual African Violet show, reviews the local greenhouses and growers and concludes with a review of his own Ko’s chimera hybrids.

· Best Practices for Growing African Violets - Ruth Coulson

Ruth Coulson has been growing violets for the past 35 years. Her experience has allowed her to write several books for growers of all levels. Don’t miss this opportunity to
learn some of the best practices she has learnt over all this time.

· Modern Designs with African Violets - Ursula Eley and Judy Zinni

Ursula Eley and Judy Zinni’s dynamic presentation was featured in our April-June 2013 issue of Chatter and was met with rave reviews. Their “fusion-style” of creating designs with African violets combines many techniques from mainstream horticultural design and creates innovative and inspirational compositions. Now you too have a chance to see Ursula and Judy in action as they create stunning designs using fresh African violet blooms and plants.

· Meet the Chatter Columnists / Reception

You have read their articles and wished you could meet them and ask them questions in person….. Well, here is your chance: Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and mingle with all the Chatter columnists. There will be a cash bar and snacks.

· Guided Tour of the Toronto Botanical Garden

The TBG has over 17 themed gardens that illustrate what can be grown in a typical Toronto garden with our soil and weather conditions. Whether you have lime soil, a shaded area or just want to see what can be grown on a balcony, the TBG has solutions that will often surprise you. The TBG also houses the Weston Family library, the largest private horticultural library in Canada. It houses over 10,000 books and since October 2012, has also been the new home for the TAVS library collection.