AVSA-AVSC Joint Convention 2012

 African Violet Society of Canada

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paul Kroll opened the meeting at 6:00 pm welcoming everyone. He informed us that the registration for this joint convention of Canadians was 48%. There are 50 Canadians registered.

Minutes of the last meeting weren’t available.

Treasurer’s Report

Winston Goretsky handed out the financial statements to those who didn’t have them. They included the Income Statement for the period of April 1, 2011, the Balance Sheet as of March 31, 2012, and the Contributions to the Chatter Publication Fund.

Winston highlighted various items in the Income Statement, the total revenue and expenses and said we have a loss of $7,516.77. He said we had 6 issues of Chatter this year as we had some catch up to do, and we are caught up now.

There wasn’t a convention in 2011 and therefore no revenue as well. Chatter costs $1500.00 per publication. The members have carried the last two years, even if not renewed officially, as cheques may have been sent in and not realized due to membership issues. Everything is now being updated by Laurel Goretsky.

She is also going to send out a letter to any outstanding members and those who’ve received the Chatter without having renewed. Anyone who has been getting Chatter and hasn’t renewed according the records Laurel has, won’t be asked to catch up but the letter will indicate a donation could be given to Chatter.

Old Business

Paul noted a committee was in place to update the by-laws. This hasn’t been done but those on the committee are still willing to work on it.

Laurel Goretsky has taken over as Membership Chair. She is currently getting everything up to date. It is a work in progress. She was concerned first to update information for this convention to ensure correct entries in the Canadian classes occurred. She has also updated the new memberships and renewals that have come in.

For new memberships the first issue is July – September 2012. Laurel informed everyone we have 480 members. Overall in the staff for Chatter, there has been a change in the Advertising Chair from Doris Brownlie to Beverley Williams.

There will be a slight increase in the advertising fees starting January 1, 2012. There will be a notice put in Chatter with this information.


Paul told everyone that he and Bill Price together handled the nominations committee work and they have a slate ready to present. The proposed slate is as follows:

Nancy Ley – President
Doris Brownlie – 1st Vice
Eileen McGrath – 2nd Vice
Julie Thompson – Secretary
Winston Goretsky – Treasurer

Deanna Belli, Anne Brown, Bob Clark, Valerie Depres, Laurel Goretsky, Norma Kunzel, Jean Melnechuck, Bill Price, Lorna Russell, Karen Sproul, Jim Toms, Beverley Williams.
Bob Clark is still the US Representative

Paul asked if there were any nominations from the floor. Hearing none Paul asked if everyone was in favour of the proposed slate. All in favour.

The Toronto African Violet Society has offered to host the AVSC Convention in 2014. Sayeh Beheshti, TAVS President, gave a brief report that the convention is already started being organized. She also told us she was talking to Eileen McGrath in Ottawa and that Eileen had the idea of all clubs getting involved with the convention and therefore feels that it is their own too. Sayeh also feels strongly that it is a National Convention even though it is held in Toronto.

There are three Canadian Commercial members, ACA’S (John & Doris Brownlie), Louise McPherson and Bloomlovers.

Paul informed those present that he had talked to the board about doing something for Jim Toms to recognize all he has done. A Life Membership Certificate will be presented to Jim at the Lakeshore African Violet Society June meeting dinner. Paul presented the certificate to Doris Brownlie to be given to Jim later.

Heather Eakin said the east coast of Canada can’t hold a convention as they just don’t have enough members to do it, they wish they could.

Eileen McGrath elaborated on what she said to Sayeh Beheshti, telling us she also said a convention doesn’t have to have all the Chairs and responsibility be all local to the host club, it can be spread around to help lighten the load and assist the host club.

Any changes that are made to the by-laws have to be printed in Chatter two months before it is to be presented.

No further business.

Bob Clark motioned to adjourn at 6:45 pm.

Paul Kroll presented the gavel to Nancy Ley.

Respectfully submitted,
Julie Thompson, Secretary