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Rows of Show Tables

Row upon row of tables graced by beautiful plants. The showroom is always spectacular. See below for just part of one row.

(Photo by Julie Thompson)


There is always a great display of well-grown gesneriads at Convention shows. Here we see just a few of the plants, especially Episcias.

(Photo by Jeanette Sylvestre) 


More lovingly grown gesneriads. These ones are Primulinas.

(Photo by Jeanette Sylvestre)




  Just one row of show tables.

Just one row of many loaded with beautifully grown show plants. Never been to a Convention show? Come to one soon. The next AVSC Convention is in Toronto in 2014. In the meantime, the next convention of AVSA is in Austin, TX in 2013.

(Photo by Jeanette Sylvestre)