Ways & Means: Fundraising Activities

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  AVSC Ways & Means Table 

The AVSC Ways & Means Table, organized by Toronto AVS with many interested dele-gates gathering around. (Photo by Bill Farrand) 

  Deanna Belli created two stunning raffle baskets.

Deanna Belli used the donated items from Lakeshore AVS and Toronto AVS to create two stunning baskets for the TAVS/AVSC Ways & Means Table.
(Photo by Sayeh Beheshti)

  Toronto AVS Designed Poster for Use of AVSC Affiliates.

Toronto AVS designed and printed a poster to promote AVSC. This poster is now available on the AVSC website for all Affiliates to download and print.




  Linda Hall, AVSA President, Winner of TAVS Basket 

Linda Hall, AVSA President was the winner of the TAVS basket: The Toronto Tourist Experience which featured Toronto items including locally brewed beer. (Photo by Sayeh Beheshti) 

  Dorothy Laidlaw, Ottawa AVS President, Winner of Lakeshore AVS Basket 

Dorothy Laidlaw, Ottawa AVS President won the Lakeshore AVS basket titled: Weekend Relaxation. It featured such useful items as an organic hammock, moose munchies & freezable margarita glasses. (Photo by Sayeh Beheshti)

  Austin 2013 Ways and Means Table 

Austin 2013 Ways & Means Table was very well organized and full of amazing donated items. Their energy and enthusiasm was evident and everyone knew that the 2013 AVSA Convention in Austin is bound to be great. (Photo by Bill Farrand)